Little Smiles PA Executive Director

The primary functions of this role will encompass Fundraising,  Community Engagement, Event Coordination, Operations and Finance. Along with many other exciting roles.

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Essential Duties/Responsibilities

  • The primary functions of this role will encompass:
    • Fundraising
    • Community Engagement
    • Event Coordination
    • Operations
    • Finance
  • The Executive Director will be responsible for identifying grant opportunities, applying for these partnerships, and seeing them to completion.
    • These funds are generally considered restricted unless otherwise given as “operating” grants. Gifts are received from the following:
      • Individuals (family foundations/trusts)
      • Foundations (non-family)
      • Corporations/Businesses
  • Corporate sponsorships will be an essential contributor to the growth of Little Smiles. We expect the Executive Director to formulate these relationships and oversee continued management of the partnerships.
    • These sponsors would play a key role in major events, but also facilitate ongoing activity with each Hospital
    • Potential to align a sponsor with each Hospital
  • Little Smiles PA hosts two flagship events each year: Little Smiles Stars Ball and Monte Carlo Night
    • The Executive Director will evaluate all fundraising programs to ensure they are mission
      focused with a cost/benefit analysis and will develop policies and best practices related to
      signature events
    • Research and connect Little Smiles to new third-party activities to raise funds and drive
      awareness around the Little Smiles brand
      • i.e. Golf Outings, Happy Hours, Casual Friday Fundraisers, School Fundraisers,
        Young Professional Events, Partnerships with Bars/Restaurants,etc.
  • This role will manage our Director of Community and Partnerships to ensure we are maximizing
    the number of children/caregivers we touch in the tri-state area.
    • We expect the Executive Director to drive new and innovative approaches to how Little
      Smiles PA interacts with local caregivers.
  • All branding and marketing efforts will be under the purview of the Executive Director, with the
    support of our Marketing Consultant.
    • We want to ensure all materials align with our overall mission and mirror our partners in
  • The Executive Director will be responsible for organizing all Board Meetings, managing internal
    initiatives, ensuring the Board adheres to all Little Smiles protocol/legislation, and building out
    annual growth goals for the organization.
  • The financial health of Little Smiles PA will be a major focus for this position:
    • The Executive Director will be asked to work closely with our Treasurer/Accountant to ensure we are maximizing funds to give back to our community. 
    • The Executive Director will be responsible for managing the overall budget and making recommendations to the Board throughout the year for the financial direction of the cause.


  • 5-10 years’ experience in the Non-profit space preferred
  • A proven track record in hitting fundraising goals
  • Comprehensive portfolio of relationships within the tri-state area
  • True understanding of the mission and ability to carry through all aspects of our fundraising
  • Significant experience managing a non-profit budget
  • Operations acumen with a history of managing multiple resources


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